Eat It! A recipe for all the lovers out there ...

Making Nut Milk Is Extremely Easy ... Oh, It Is Super Easy ... Might I Add, It Is Crazy Easy ... And Fun. 
Even The Milkman Will Say So.

I usually soak my nuts in warm water overnight. The next morning I add the whole thing to a special blender (operated by hand, of course)  and blend with enthusiasm until it is completely liquified, creamy and smooth. 
Especially after a stressful day (hey, stress is always looming around the corner), this makes for a good relaxation. 
Of course there are variations to indulge: pour it over your favorite food (or combine with a crispy sausage stick) and enjoy the delicious, yummy treat.
I can assure you, this is 100% organic comfort food. It is raw and oh-so-tasty. 
But the secret is in the aforementioned details: soaking the nuts is the real trick!
Do not underestimate crazy soaked nuts.
They have to get heavy - only then you can drain them to your liking. 
And remember: squeeze like a mad man/woman to get ALL the liquids out.
This is absolutely necessary. Otherwise you will spoil the whole experience and the feeling of utter fulfillment won't be yours. 
Enjoy the milking.

Have fun playing around ...

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