Live It! What's the use in having a boyfriend/girlfriend?

It seems everybody has a boyfriend/girlfriend. It must be easy for some people to just attach to somebody and call them a boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other/lifepartner etc. and kiss and be paranoid and possessive about that relationship. Fuck that!
I say that this is disgusting, evil and simply annoying. I hate those people ... screw them, hang them high and let them bleed to death, those poor suckers!

I loathe those people, despise them for their happiness. But at the same time I want their lives.

I still hate boyfriends/girlfriends/significant others etc..
But I guess having one (read: regular sex, a good old shag), that certainly would be charming. 
And just to introduce somebody as 'my boyfriend', 'like to meet my girlfriend?', 'well, this is my significant other, isn't he/she/it lovely?' would be fun. 
At least for some time I suppose.
And, 'Oh yeah, by the way, have you met... [hand gesture] my lifepartner/wife/husband?' 
Or maybe lover is a better word. 
'Jealous of my LOVER, you bitch?'

But for now I guess I have to settle with my deep hatred towards happily married or partnered human beings and secretely cry myself to sleep, hoping to be united with someone. 

I won't walk alone - one bright and sunny day!

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