Be It! Like & Enjoy & Learn & Suck from/some Momma's Boy!

You Can Be On Momma'sBoy! 
How can that happen? Well, for starters ...

'I really can't stand you! In fact, I hate you and you suck big time!'

Is there someone in your life that you pretend to like but you really can't stand them, in fact despise them with a passion and want nothing but evil spilled upon them?

Really? We already feel a connection rising.

If you're ready to tell that person you hate them and want to publicly humiliate them,
just let us know! We will gladly do the job for you!

Momma's Boy at 1-800-888 666 111 extension 001

or write to us at

or just simply

join, like and share us on your favorite social community device.

Together we will rock that shit!

We will make sure your message gets delivered. If you wish, we can attach a bloody pigs heart to make your feelings come across more precisely. 
Hey, that's what friends are for, right .... 

Can't wait for your amazing, heartfelt and mean-spirited stories full of neglect and hate!!!!

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