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I could use a lot of nice and flattering words to describe how skilled, experienced, travelled, well-mannered and educated I am. But to be honest: while all this certainly applies to me - of course, that's why I am expecting everyone to be smitten with me – in the end it all boils down to me just being a restless person and thoroughly lovely boy. 

To be more precise: I am quick witted and get highly fascinated to observe even the most unimportant details e.g. I tend do be and get and feel, yeah well, easily bored ... something shiny and I'm gone.
That being said, I do believe that change, the element of surprise and variety/diversity is the most important part of my person and thus I am always looking for those golden nuggets in everyday life AND in others. 
Sadly, I seldom find such fine traits in other human beings, which means; I am a loner. 
Not by choice I might add, but out of courtesy, respect and above all, self-protection!

I do tend to irritate people quite often because I am most of all an honest soul. It seems to bring out the worst in others but I strongly believe it is a quality that I'm sure is absolutely necessary when searching for improvement and convincing others to do better. It borders on absurdness because that exact quality of mine, 'improving others and leading them to be a better and kinder person', gets me in trouble the most. I have far too often been forced to run for my life because and angry mob of idiots did not appreciate my kind and humble offerings. 
But, hopelessly adventurous as I am (and a tad bit masochistic/optimistic as well), I will nevertheless continue to spread the message and be a role model for others. Yep, that's me!

Fair to say, this naturally born redhead is absolutely willing to give 110% when he is committed to a certain cause. I'll be your leader, your guide and at times your hero/slash/lover.
Equally, I can't be arsed to pretend interest when I am not!
If, in my opinion, your idea of basically anything sucks, I need to be blunt and admit right away: I won't join you and your viscious way of life and tell you to piss off!

Yours sincerely


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