Live It! None of us are special.

May I rant for just a moment, please!? 

I have seen and heard one too many people who claim to be 'complex and individual' e.g. not one-dimensional aka. unique. 
Now, what is that supposed to mean? 
Dear Everyone, 
every single one of us is thoroughly fucked up in one way or the other and it stands to reason that we are all complex human beings.
I for one haven't fully figured myself out after more than thirty years. Does that mean I am not in touch with myself (I touch, believe me, quite often) and therefore I am too straight laced? It'll be easier to realize that we all are just the same weird and boring bag of mixed nut(s).

So please don't go around thinking that the fact that you are complex is anything but banal, when in fact you are just the same screwed idiot as the rest of us. 
Now, chew on that!

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