Live It! A Whole New World.

I am - what you commonly refer to - a person who thrives upon intolerance.
For example: the nightmare at airports - any airport - starts when you step off the plane, enter the building and you realize that it is a soft and wobbly ground you just descended upon. Carpeting, which is usually found at american airports is beyond my understanding of aesthetics and I nurture a total lack of appreciation why those 80ies leftovers are still in use. Why oh why weren't they just burned and despised long ago? 
Call me crazy, but the sheer thought of bug-infested carpets induce abhorrence and with that my personal lack of the fine trait called tolerance springs to life. So in conclusion I will happily raise my pretty little arm and scream from the top of my smoke-filled lungs: 
‘I hate utter ugliness in whatever form it shows its disgusting face!’ 

Yes, I was raised to avoid prejudice and that it would make sense to love one another because only then good will rise above evil. But, that is a big, fat, stinking lie.
Ugly is ugly and stays ugly no matter what!

Tolerating something that is absolutely absurd, inefficient and serves no purpose - except for sheer convenience – at least to me, is completely pointless. It is a waste of time and boils down to laziness. If you want something to be different, to be better, to have meaning, to really impact and to become more valuable, well, you will have to step up your game and step out of your comfort zone. You need to open your eyes and accept that maybe, just maybe, you and your narrow minded views or ideas may need adjustment and act accordingly.

Is this going to be an easy task? Absolutely not. 
Will it be a bumpy ride? Sure. 
Will it lead to change and ultimately be for the better? I certainly hope so. 
Not to sound too preachy I will say that my ultimate point is: re-work, re-think, re-adjust! 

Why am I riling myself up with this bible study sermon you might ask?
Well, like the ugly, disgusting, dirty old school carpeting at airports - which is a far cry from luxury - things need to be thrown out, need to be demolished and need to be the stuff of yesteryear.
Open minds, eagerness to learn, willingness to change, strength to adjust and creativeness to make it happen aren't too shabby a trait one needs to inhabit.
If you put a little joy and happiness and fun and excitement and adventure into peoples lives then 'Oh boy, let’s chant it altogether while holding hands', this will only enrich our/your lives and make us come together as friends and as a community of like-minded people!  Constant change is the key to life-long happiness.
In return you will get more than you might have asked for.
Praise the Lord! Amen!

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