Hear It! When Girl Groups invade the loo, it is bound to get Retrotastic!

Every now and then a need for old school tunes creeps up and we are firm believers that those cravings need to be nurtured, fed and wholy celebrated.

Combined with a fascination for all-female Pop/R'n'B combos, outrageous hairdos and top it all off with vomit inducing clothing styles, well, you are sure to struck gold with a look at the musical outpouring that the 1980's produced in bucket loads.

A band that went by the name Klymaxx and a song appropriately titled 'Meeting in the Ladies Room' is all you need to brighten up a monday morning at the gym, in front of the mirror or on your way to work. Think of all the sad faces you will encounter that need someone cheerful to gaze at - a good deed will go unpunished, trust me. And whatever happens in/on/behind/right nest to the loo, well, that certainly shall remain and stay in the loo!

Klymaxx, of course, peaked in the 80ies and were all but forgotten once the strangest of all decades ended. Solo careers never really took of and after a brief reunion we just hope they saved some of that hard earned money to not end up like other artists who crash and burn Look at or google Vanity 6, Expose, Company B or Vixen for example and you get the idea - boy, those names by itself are cringe-worthy. Though we admit The Bangles, Salt 'n' Pepa or The Go-Go's are marvelous exceptions to this rule.

Anyway, we do not judge and instead just want to dwell in the past with joy and laughter. We also want to klymaxx and meet up in the ladies room 'cause obviously, this is where the fun starts and never ends.

Klymaxx "Meeting In the Ladies Room" from The Ladiez Room on Vimeo.

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