Watch It! Animalistic sex can be fun! Unless you get eaten alive.

Let's face it: Porn is what makes people come together as one happy and frivolous family. After all, the joy of sex is the one thing we ALL get excited about and the majority of men would probably cut off any body part before chopping off their precious genitalia. 
I want to believe that most women would hang onto their arms, legs and head a bit more - though my personal research shows that they are as sex driven as any bloke on a friday night who 'needs to get laid as quickly as possible, preferably right here in the bathroom stall'! Romance and engaging conversations just take up too much time when the juices have to be released.
The pleasure of physical contact is nothing to be ashamed of and need to be nurtured and endorsed. Exception to this rule would come only in the form of a random nun or the occasional asexual stranger, who lurk around the city every once in a while: but who in their right mind hangs out with these weirdos anyway?

Back to the point: The mating habits of animals is, to the contrary, rarely an eventful happening and unless you are into sickening stuff, this should not arouse you. EVER!
Safe to say: If the sexual habits of a masochistic deer, a horny bee or the impregnation of a toad is presented in a slightly disturbing but humorous way, admittedly even the most 'easy to disgust' and ignorant person (e.g. me) will get a chuckle out of it. 

Following her award-winning series, Green Porno and Seduce me, Isabella Rossellini is back with Mammas. Obviously this one hits close to home with Momma'sBoy, as it shows (though quite disturbingly) how for instance hamster mammas rarely shy away from indulging into a hearty mid-day snack that consists of one (or two or three) oh her own babies.
Mother nature seems to have its own creepy way of selection and how to make sure your nutritional requirements are met - and we learned: A boys best friend is his mother!

Prepare for some truly bizarre stuff and bow down to the baddest bitch around. 
Isabella, we adore you. ADORE! (spoken with a heavy french accent)

And around the 01:20 mark you can witness her marvelous Academy Award performance in The Oil Bee.  But be warned: being taken from behind (a bit doggy style if you will) never looked so adorable.

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