Be It! Learn It! Live It! Love It! A Revolution by Queen M?

If you haven‘t heard about it yet you probably live under a rock or,unfortunately, ears and eyes are no vital parts of your body. In that case, well, you have far bigger problems than being part of a well intended movement and this post won‘t be of any help. We offer our sincerest apologies! 
The rest of you by now will have noticed the film by Madonna and Steven Klein that has been drummed up for months and finally reached the internet this week in all it's g(l)ory beauty.

The #SecretProjectRevolution is hailed as an Art/Revolution/Love/Video/FreedomOfSpeech/etc. hybrid, 
that is actually worth watching and surprisingly functioning as a 'pro-tolerance-fuck-haters-statement'. Though it obviously will be deemed as a pretentious vanity project by some, we think it is glorious and definitely not the worst attempt at provoking thought and trying to shake things up. Of course, we have a soft spot for the almighty Queen carved in our little heart, so her 'let's make this world a better place' attempt will not be put down and therefore should not be frowned upon by anyone.

Absorb with a clear mind and it could very well open your eyes and minds. Or at least appreciate it for what it tries to be: Yes, it can be that easy to be part of a bigger and better picture. Hate and intolerance need to fall victim to this revolution. All hail the Queen ...

Watch below and/or download via http://bundles.bittorrent.com/madonna-revolution/
and get a ton of stuff in said bundle: gifs, interview, trailer etc.


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